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No need to worry. Just work hard.

Glance some of the major concerns when starting CrossFit.

We'll be happy to answer your questions.

A: Absolutely not! None of us were amazing athletes when we walked in the door. We still are not. There is so much to learn and so much to improve on, which is what makes CrossFit so great. Despite common belief, CrossFit began to aid the ordinary. In other words, the idea of CrossFit was to create an environment welcoming to everyone, from young teen to stay at home mom, the workaholic to the grandparent fighting physical limitations. We work together to be able to use our bodies the way they were meant to be used, and fight the fear of chronic disease and injury. You also look awesome, but that's just an added bonus.

Q. What am i paying for?

 A: This is a question we get a lot, and it's understandable.

CrossFit is very commonly more expensive than the typical gym membership.

But we are not a typical gym. Here are some of our value points we believe will make it worth it for you:




CrossFit is among the most successful fitness classes that not only get you the results you want but has also had hundreds of testimonies attributing the class to healing mental and emotional disorders as well as physical ailments. CrossFitters see substantial improvements in depression, anxiety, and self-confidence. Patients are seeing themselves weened off of medication they have been using for years. See it as not only a means of getting in shape, but also preventing the costs of medical care by taking care of yourself. It's your body, and you only get one. We want to help you make it the best it can be.



CrossFit gyms are a class structure, which means you will never be on your own. Our coaches are all recipients of a CF-L1 certificate or higher and highly knowledgeable in the specifics and safety of CrossFit; they will be there with you every step of the way. We make the workouts for you, provide nutritional information, and recovery tips you can take home. You no longer have to face the intimidation of other gyms by worrying about not knowing what to do or if you are doing it right.

We've got all of it covered.



No, we really mean this one. You're not just a member of the gym, you've just joined a whole new community of people that want to see you succeed. You'll meet some of your closest friends here, workout with them, cheer them on, support them through the hard work, and be there through their highs and lows. We also hang out together outside of the gym, because we love each other THAT much. By joining us, you've just become part of something strong, everlasting, and bigger than just fitness.



A: YES. The best thing about our workouts is there is an option for everyone, and we work with what your body can currently do so we can make it better. Our coaches are well informed on how to safely perform each of the movements so you can stay injury free, improve your current discomforts, and still work hard. Age, fitness background, experience, or knowledge are not limiting factors here. They're the reason we exist.

Q. Will I be doing the stuff I see on Tv?

A: Referring to the CrossFit Games? It is very similar, but not NEARLY that intense. The games athletes are professional athletes and have worked extremely hard to get where they are now. We are not games athletes and we don't expect you to be. However, the Games are rooted in CrossFit itself, so yes, our workout styles and programs will reflect that. Expect to practice weightlifting, gymnastics, body weight movements, running, rowing, and everything between. We aim to create well rounded human beings capable of a fitness they can use for life, which requires attention to strength, speed, and endurance. But know this will be at YOUR PACE and depends on how hard you are willing to push. We are here to encourage you, and give you an environment to be able to test those limits for yourself.

Q. DO I need to be in shape to start CrossFit?

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