Gym Manager/CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

CPR Certified

CrossFit- 4 years

Coaching- 2 years

Hey y’all, I’m Miranda! I’m a CF-L1 Trainer and the Kids Camp Coach. I’m married and I have two kids, an 8-year old daughter, and 4-year old son. I started CrossFit when we lived in Hawaii after my youngest was born to feel good about myself again! Before, I didn’t really vibe with the traditional style gyms and could never get into going to the gym regularly. Starting Crossfit changed that for me. The community that CrossFit offers had me hooked immediately! After about a year of being a part of the CF community, I decided to get my L-1. I truly enjoy helping and seeing people do better than they thought they were capable of. 



CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

CrossFit- 4 years

Coaching- 1 year

Hi, I’m Ryan Smith. I’m a husband and have two kids. I enjoy hunting and toys with motors. I did bodybuilding style lifting for many years and started a search for a new challenge. That’s when I found CrossFit; I haven't looked back since. Since being a part of CrossFit, I’ve watched many people grow and change their lives. This inspired me to coach and be a part of that journey for our members to grow and improve.



CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

CNA & CPR 2007

Current Midwestern State University student

CrossFit- 7 years

Coaching- 2 years

Spot Flaw Certification


"Sup. I'm Rachelle. 

Fun Fact- I probably have Trypophobia & I was a mailman for a hot minute! Married with children, 2 boys & a step-daughter! (Ages 10, 5, & 11). Trained CrossFit during my second pregnancy (Healthiest pregnancy out of the two).

I have 2 cats (Nipkins & PJ) & 1 dog (Maze). Hobbies include, but are not limited to: CrossFit (Of Course), nutrition, target shooting, being outdoors, reading, Zillow searching, petting animals, & competing in local competitions!

I had zero athletic background growing up, after high school I had gone through every athletic craze there was, then I walked into a CF Box in 2012...I've never looked back! CrossFit is for anyone at ANY level."



CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

Favorite sport to play: Basketball

CrossFit- 1.5 years

Coaching- 6 months

"I’m Kyle Briscoe, I’ve been doing CrossFit for about a year and a half. I got started with Mike Mire, who was a part of starting Crossfit Burk. I have continued doing CrossFit as a continuation of the things that Mike thought I was ca[able of doing. Since joining the gym, I have continued to think of what Mike would want me to do. Everyday I am in the gym, whether it be coaching or working out I continue doing what I do for him."