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CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

CNA & CPR 2007

Current Midwestern State University student

CrossFit- 7 years

Coaching- 2 years

Spot Flaw Certification


"Sup. I'm Rachelle. 

Fun Fact- I probably have Trypophobia & I was a mailman for a hot minute! Married with children, 2 boys & a step-daughter! (Ages 10, 5, & 11). Trained CrossFit during my second pregnancy (Healthiest pregnancy out of the two).

I have 2 cats (Nipkins & PJ) & 1 dog (Maze). Hobbies include, but are not limited to: CrossFit (Of Course), nutrition, target shooting, being outdoors, reading, Zillow searching, petting animals, & competing in local competitions!

I had zero athletic background growing up, after high school I had gone through every athletic craze there was, then I walked into a CF Box in 2012...I've never looked back! CrossFit is for anyone at ANY level."



CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Level-1 Trainer

CrossFit- 4 years

Coaching- 1 year

Hi, I’m Ryan Smith. I’m a husband and have two kids. I enjoy hunting and toys with motors. I did bodybuilding style lifting for many years and started a search for a new challenge. That’s when I found CrossFit; I haven't looked back since. Since being a part of CrossFit, I’ve watched many people grow and change their lives. This inspired me to coach and be a part of that journey for our members to grow and improve.

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